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    TPC® Building and Pest Inspections Tweed, Kingscliff to Byron and Ballina are here to support you in buying your next home or investment property, anything you need just ask us by phone

    A Building and Pest Inspection Tweed, Saves home buyers thousands

    We provide top of the range Building and Pest Inspections starting from  $275.00 single service or $550.00 combined.

    No price Matching, No Discounts, No offers, only Value for money Inspections as your investment counts on it.

    When it comes to purchasing a property, Tweed homebuyers need an expert opinion, our industry experts provide a thorough inspection and written report.

    Engaging in a professional Building and Pest Inspection prior to buying a home is the best investment you’ll make.

    • Inspections and Reports carried out by experts
    • *2 Inspectors Guaranteed
    • *Our Building & Pest Inspections are booked in for 1.5 hrs per inspector. Avoid single Building and Pest Inspectors doing the job of 2 in minimal time.
    • Reliable and honest Inspectors
    • Reports within 24 hours or faster if needed
    • Trusted by the local the Tweed Coast community for 18 years

    With a passion for property, we take our inspections on as if we are buying the home ourselves. There is no such thing as a quick walk around, our inspectors spend more quality time than most when inspecting a property.

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    1.  We offer 2 Inspectors, One Building Inspector, One Pest Inspector

    2. We use the latest technology; Thermal Cameras & Moisture Meters on all inspections

    3. Detailed written reports with colour photos, emailed within 24 hours

    4. We can arrange your combined Building and Pest inspection. We contact the agent to gain access without delay to suit all parties

    5. Our Tweed Inspectors have been trusted by the Tweed Coast Community for well over 17 years

    Reduce the risks, Call our friendly staff today

    Building and Pest Inspection Prices Tweed

    “It’s your biggest investment, a Pre Purchase Pest and Building inspection is worth every cent”

    As structural building defects and Termite Damage are found on a regular basis throughout South East Queensland, it really makes you aware of how cost effective a thorough Inspection is.

    If you’re investing in a property on the Tweed, Byron or Ballina NSW and you’re looking at shelling out anywhere from $250,000 to $2 million and in some cases a whole lot more. Doesn’t it make sense to invest a small price starting from *$550.00 in protecting that investment?

    A Pre Purchase inspection is an investment, not a cost

    Termite Damage Gold Coast
    Building and Pest Tweed
    Building & Pest Inspections


    • Local Trusted Tweed Coast, Tweed Heads, Including Northern Rivers, Ballina and Byron Inspectors
    • Building Inspections
    • Pest Inspections
    • Pre Purchase Inspections by Licensed experts

    “Buying a new home” Working with expert Building & Pest inspectors provides the purchaser with value related property information prior to purchasing a property. Another set of experienced eyes that makes all the difference.

    Combined Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection Tweed

    Engaging Two experienced inspectors to carry out a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection is the only way it should be done.


    Building Inspections Tweed

    “Don’t get stuck buying a brand new home with problems

    Regardless the age of the property, brand new or an 80 year old home, they all need to be inspected. As the consequences of not doing one, is a massive risk to your investment.

    “All areas, Tweed | Tweed Heads | Banora | Bilambil | Terranora | Murwillumbah | Kingscliff | Pottsville | Ballina | Byron Bay NSW”

    Local and Experienced is where the value lies. Combine a Building & Pest Inspection at TPC and save $50.00

    What is a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection?

    The decision to buy a property should be determined by the findings on a written report by a Licensed Timber Pest inspector. The Pest Inspection and report covers 3 types of Timber pests (Termites, Borers and Wood Decay Fungi) in accordance with the Australian Standards AS4349.3.

    A Visual Timber Pest Inspection is carried out to give the purchaser an insight on what’s happening within and around the property in relation to Timber pests, termites, borers and Wood decay fungi – rot.


    Your Booking with us

    We encourage you to come along to the property inspection, however it is not essential you attend. Our licensed inspectors provide a detailed inspection report, with coloured photos. All inspection reports are emailed within 24 hours or ask us for a faster turn around.

    Leave the worry behind and Call us today, We’ll take care of the rest

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      Termites Tweed

      Termites do an incredible amount of damage to properties on the Tweed Coast, the last thing you’ll need is a Termite problem in your new home.

      Not only can TPC offer detailed Building & Pest Inspections we provide Solutions when it comes to protecting your home from Termites.

      Even brand new homes can be attacked by Termites on the Tweed Coast. Most properties built prior to 2002 had chemical barriers installed around and beneath the slab during construction, however these have short life expectancies leaving homes unprotected.

      Homes built after 2002 have either a Chemical reticulation system that needs ongoing refilling of the system or a Physical Termite Barrier that prevents the concealed entry by Termites.

      All properties require inspections, the most important inspection you’ll ever pay for will be the Building & Pest Inspection before you buy.

      TPC Building and Pest Inspections have been in operation for well over a decade, we are a trusted & leading company. Our team of inspectors are honest, reliable and experienced in their field of expertise.

      Don’t let your dream home be the worst decision you ever make, Book your inspection today.

      Buying a home is an extremely big decision, so rest assured when you engage TPC Building and Pest Inspections to inspect your next home, you’ll know you are in good hands once you make the call or visit us in person.

      TPC® Building & Pest Inspections Tweed 

      1300 872100

      “All areas, Tweed | Tweed Heads | Banora | Bilambil | Terranora | Murwillumbah | Kingscliff | Pottsville | Ballina | Byron Bay NSW” 




      Combined Building & Pest Inspections as your investment counts on it.
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